Retired meteorologist Martin Hertzberg [] has been writing to the NYT again

Since they won't publish it, I will. I think you will see WHY they won't publish it!

The article by Justin Gillis on "rising seas" again demonstrated that the Times continues to display scientific malfeasance as an enabler of the "global warming hoax".

A single measurement of a water temperature of 40 F in one fjord in Greenland is utterly meaningless. Citing and emphasizing that one data point is typical of your regurgitation of anecdotal fear-mongering clap trap.

Not a single person quoted in the article is qualified to talk authoritatively about changes in sea level. The attached article is an authoritative review of the question that relies on knowledgeable scientist, none of whom Gillis bothered to check with.

The Gillis article is typical of your slip-shod and disgraceful approach to the issue. You keep failing miserably to exercise due diligence as you ignore the totality of the data available.

Received by email. The NYT rubbish referred to is here. The scholarly article Hertzberg refers to is here

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