Charities and church groups join in criticism of child protection in NSW

Government and unions resisting privatization -- even though private organizations do a much better job. The Labor party government is afraid of the unions of course. So the kids suffer

CHARITIES and church groups have banded together to accuse the State Government of failing to move quickly enough to protect children in DOCS care. The 27 groups have claimed the transfer of foster care to the private sector recommended by Justice James Wood in a special commission of inquiry last year was "slow and difficult".

Union fears of job losses had been cited as one reason for the slow transition under new child protection system Keep Them Safe, Anglicare said. Other groups joined to fight the government include the Benevolent Society and UnitingCare Burnside.

They have commissioned a report by Deloitte which showed non-government organisations had 98 per cent stability of foster care placements. DOCS record was 50 per cent with half of children repeatedly moved between foster families.

The charities and church groups have a ratio of one caseworker for every eight children while the Auditor-General revealed this week that the DOCS' ratio was one to 29.

A union yesterday launched a campaign claiming the outsourcing of child protection would put children at risk.


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