Czars - Unelected And Lovin' It

It's past time for an accounting of Pharaoh barack's so-called "czars" - unelected, unvetted, unaccountable, and acting in patently unAmerican ways - because it's obvious (to those who look) that the proliferation of these bureaucratic vermin is undermining every facet of the U.S. society and government.

Just what IS a "czar"?
They date back to the FDR administration - created in response to the astonishingly bungled "crisis" of the Great Depression - and were originally called by a far more accurate term: DICTATORS.
Some of the current crop have to go through a "confirmation" process in the Senate - which, technically, makes them something other than actual "czars", but the principle and the end result is the same - but the majority (more than 30, so far, with this Administration) are simply appointed by the President, given control of Cabinet-level organizations (departments), given BILLION-DOLLAR budgets (that we don't have) to spend virtually however they want, then turned loose to frag-up this nation with fiat powers called "Federal policy and regulations".
...essentially, they take over, punish, abuse, over-regulate whatever Pharaoh aims them at.

Given legal cover by the White House (and likely by the similarly appointed Attorney General), and aided and abetted by the useful fools in Congress - most of whom aren't even smart enough to realize that they're plaiting their own political nooses - these creatures were obviously given the mission to completely trash this nation by micromanaging away any shred of liberty or freedom.
They're back-dooring the Constitution and doing their level best to make it irrelevant.

There's a "climate czar", a "science czar", "car czar", "green jobs czar", "FCC diversity czar", "economics czar", "urban czar", "pay czar"'s a list of 'em. far.....

Oddly enough, there's Senators like collins, byrd and feingold whose ears pricked up about this proliferation of parasites - likely because they don't want someone else's snout stealing the slops from what they consider to be THEIR trough - and they're FINALLY starting to ask some questions that should have first been asked 70 years ago.

And did I mention that nearly all of these varmints are "progressives" and socialists?
There's also Maoists, self-described communists, climate-kooks, anti-capitalists of every stripe, tax-cheats, fools who admire punks like hugo chavez, world-government proponents, international law advocates...all of 'em appointed by a narcissistic Suit that's so empty that when his teleprompter crashes you can hear the wind whistling up through the collar.
Fascistic "czars".
...look up the definition.
It's frighteningly accurate.

Is there anyone who's not drunk on "progressive punch" that can even pretend that having all these vermin over-regulating everything in sight this is a good thing?

It is going to take a VERY long time to even get a START on cleaning up the mess they're making of the Republic my kids will inherit.

America, when you elected the
"hopey-changey" Pharaoh and all his "progressive" Congressional jackasses to power last November, I have to ask:
What the fuck were you thinking

...and - more importantly - have you learned your lesson, yet?

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