He's just not that into you kevvie

FOX News - President Obama is "leaning toward not going" to the U.N. climate change conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, in December, a senior administration official told Fox News. The current thinking in the administration is that since the conference is not a "head of state" event, Obama will not attend. Obama will be accepting the Nobel Prize in Oslo on the second day of the Copenhagen conference and may use that platform to address climate change issues.
Oh dear, somebody tell kevvie his man-friend just gave his much-lauded wank-fest in Europe the flick. And here kevvie was caterwauling and carrying on like a young teenie-bopper at her first rock concert about the end is nigh, how he's going to lead the way, lead it all the way to Copenhagen to save the planet. Turns out, Copenhagen is a just a gathering of tossers that even el-presidente of America can't be bothered attending.

I wonder if kevvie will weasel out of this now and issue his standard bullshit 'I make no apologies', even though no one asked the liar for one. Either that or kevvie will have to try and catch bazza in the toilets or run out the back after his presidential detail for a photo-op or something. Sorry kevvie, but barry hussein is way out of your league now, you been blowing air out of your arse about leading the way and all that for a while now but you just don't have the same mojo chump. Couple of days in office and the ass-polishers gave him the nobel prize, just like that! I know, struth, fair suck of the sauce bottle! But that's the way it is kevvie.

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