YOU will pay for leftie junk science

Daily Mail - Labour's plans to cover vast swaths of the countryside with wind farms will cost every family at least £260 a year in higher fuel bills, it emerged today. The Government said the sacrifice was needed to reduce Britain's greenhouse gas emissions and meet Europe's targets for green energy. Under its £100 billion plans unveiled by Gordon Brown yesterday, at least 4,000 wind turbines will go up in some of the UK most beautiful scenery, while another 3,000 will be built at sea. [snip] The Prime Minister said the renewable plans were a green revolution. But critics warned that the "dash for wind" was a fantasy. At least one new wind turbine would have to go up every day between now and 2020 to meet the targets. And to guarantee that Britain's lights stayed on 365 days a year, a vast fleet of gas, coal and nuclear power stations will be needed in reserve. [snip] At the same time, the EU is demanding that 15 per cent of the UK's energy comes from renewable sources such as solar, wind, tide and wave power.
But it's for the greater good isn't it, to save the planet for future generations isn't it. Future generations who aren't actually happening because trendy green-inclined westerners aren't bothered to have any 'next generation' so to speak and are encouraging others to not have any wretched children. So cough up folks, I'm sure there's good reason for all this and you'll see the results soon enough. The sea level will drop, no more storms, no more heat waves, smaller carbon assprints, colder winters, no more summer, why does that last one sound like a bad thing. Surely, lefties wouldn't be taxing you and screwing you over, just for the sake of it would they?

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