B. Hussein - Lessons for all

IHT - When Obama began his presidential campaign, Muslim Americans from California to Virginia responded with enthusiasm, seeing him as a long-awaited champion of civil liberties, religious tolerance and diplomacy in foreign affairs. But more than a year later, many say, he has not returned their embrace. While the senator has visited churches and synagogues, he has yet to appear at a single mosque. Muslim and Arab-American organizations have tried repeatedly to arrange meetings with Obama, but officials with those groups say their invitations — unlike those of their Jewish and Christian counterparts — have been ignored. Last week, two Muslim women wearing head scarves were barred by campaign volunteers from appearing behind Obama at a rally in Detroit.

In interviews, Muslim political and civic leaders said they understood that their support for Obama could be a problem for him at a time when some Americans are deeply suspicious of Muslims. Yet those leaders nonetheless expressed disappointment and even anger at the distance that Obama has kept from them. "This is the 'hope campaign,' this is the 'change campaign,' " said Ellison, Democrat of Minnesota. Muslims are frustrated, he added, that "they have not been fully engaged in it." Aides to Obama denied that he had kept his Muslim supporters at arm's length. [snip] The strained relationship between Muslims and Obama reflects one of the central challenges facing the senator: how to maintain a broad electoral appeal without alienating any of the numerous constituencies he needs to win in November.
In all honesty I don't know why the Muslims are getting all worked up into a huff and puff over B. Hussein Obambi not reaching out to them, visiting mosques and chanting Allah Akbar. I mean do they want things to get easy for them, as in set up their own third world style life here in the west or do they just want B. Hussein to visit and hold hands. Let's face it, Obambi is as about as leftist as a presidential candidate would get, so if he wins the coming election, it'll be smooth sailing for jihadists worldwide. Look at Britain for example, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown aren't in and out of Mosques, they aren't saying prayers 5 times a day or something and yet things are real swell for your average Jihadist in Britain.

They have female circumcision, honor killings, sharia law in some parts, no-go zones for Christians, multiple wives supported by welfare, toilets are rearranged, halal meals in jail, heck Muslims are even allowed to speed when commuting between wives. It's all good for Muslims in Britain and the dhimmi has to choke it all down in his own land. Christianity has been driven so far out of the public sphere that the Church is now battling to get the state out of its affairs. So pipe down you fools and keep your heads down, then your man may win the election and then he'll sell your brethren over in Iraq out and they'll go back to slaughtering each other merrily like the old days, just the way you and the left want.

You, CAIR and the ACLU can then quietly remake America into just another dhimmi nation. I was reading earlier that B. Hussein is reaching out to Christian evangelicals. Well folks, there's a lesson in here for them too, they might fall under the spell of hope and change and overlook partial-birth abortion and gay marriage. They might buy the promises and interfaith, common-ground wiffle-waffle, he might promise not to sell them out but their lesson is in the current plight of these Muslims. If they give him their vote and he wins, they'll be in the same position as these Muslims, they'll be the ones feeling left out and marginalized then. But by that time it'll be too late and they'll just have to suck it all down for the next 4 years and maybe even more.

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