Brace yourself for the real price of climate change

LiveNews - Ross Garnaut's long awaited paper on climate change will be released next week, and it's likely to recommend petrol be included in a carbon trading scheme. Last year the Coalition was all for the idea but now, knowing it will send up the price of fuel, has backed right off. [snip] Labor's Anthony Albanese says the Opposition is all over the place on the issue. "The Shadow Minister has at least six positions. Six positions he's put forward on climate change. More positions than the Kama Sutra." However the Rudd Government is under fire as well, refusing to spell out its own stance on whether transport emissions will be taxed.
I'd much rather a government be flipping around and remaining undecided on the issue of screwing the public over than one that has its mind firmly set on screwing us over in the name of junk science and ideology. Amidst all this are these morons putting down any milestones or measurements, you know, those things that you're supposed to use to see if some half-baked policy of yours is actually working? I know about the targets of cutting emissions by X, I'm talking about the goal. Cutting emissions, feeling fuzzy, dancing around in Bali and reducing your carbon assprint is not the goal.

The goal is supposed to be stopping climate change, or stop the globe from warming isn't it. Is the sea level around Australia going to drop, is it going to get colder, will we get more rain, will the hurricanes go away? Will it start snowing up near the equator, will the drought end, no more winter or summer, what and when! They aren't screwing us over for the sake of it are they. And if these milestones or whatever aren't going to be met, then what, will we scrap the trading scheme or will we just have to keep coughing up?

It's all well and good for Pixie and his boyfriends to be doing the Kama Sutra, but if I have to cough up or do without, I'd like to see some bloody results. These jackasses can make all the funny quips and sexual references they want to, but the fact remains that they've either sat on their asses or they've contributed to the rising prices of just about everything in this country. And now they're entertaining even more taxes that we'll have to cough up for. Working families and fresh ideas, my ass!

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