VC Hero fighting Bureaucratic scum again

A hero, Tul Bahadur Pun [May 2007] - "I have served the UK with the utmost loyalty and to be treated this way is appalling." Tul was handed his VC by Lord Mountbatten in 1944 for single-handedly charging a Japanese position in Burma under heavy fire. In an "exemplary" 18 year Army career he won 10 more medals, risking his life in Malaysia, India and Hong Kong, and served several tours of duty in Britain. Now living in a hut with no proper roof, running water or sanitation in a village 16,000ft up in the Himalayas, Tul has diabetes, high blood pressure, heart problems and asthma. His eyesight is poor and he has hearing trouble. He said: "I take a substantial amount of medication daily, without which I would die. There is not always a constant supply. When it runs out I feel vulnerable. There are no doctors or nurses, no medical outposts. I wish to settle in the UK to have better access to medication, care and support from doctors and nurses.
You'd think the British government would be falling over itself to accomodate this hero, a soldier much like every other soldier who guarantees our very lives and professions. Wrong folks, this is the bureaucratic scum we're talking here, this is a loathsome but unfortunately not unique species. Whilst many other species are usually in short supply, this particular one is never on the endangered list, it is not bothered by its enemies, it breeds like you wouldn't believe and every continent has them. The old hero may have stuck it to the Japanese, Germans and every other fascist bastard out there, but I don't think any amount of training could have prepared him for the bureaucratic scum. Read on, it's the least we can do...
Tul applied for indefinite leave to enter Britain. The law allows for deserving cases to be let in but British officials in Nepal said they were "not satisfied... your application meets the requirements". They added: "This is because you have failed to demonstrate that you have strong ties with the UK." Astonishingly, among the reasons were: "You have not produced satisfactory evidence that you have a chronic or long term medical condition where treatment here would significantly improve your quality of life."
You might be surprised, I wasn't since we're talking leftist scum here, to find out that they rejected this old soldier who fought for them and instead took in other illegal immigrants who happened to contribute to Britain is ways Tul Bahadur Pun wouldn't imagine. Here are some examples -
Mouloud Sihali, Algerian. Lived at Finsbury Park mosque, breeding ground of Islamic terrorism. Described in court as “unprincipled and dishonest”. Illegal immigrant.
Yonis Dirie, Somalian. Drug addict, armed robber and burglar. Convicted of raping a young woman in London. Illegal immigrant.
“AS”, Libyan. Islamic extremist involved with Milan terrorist group. Court accepts that he is likely to try to kill us all again quite soon. Illegal immigrant.
Anyway after much shaming from decent British folk and letters of protest from around the world, myself included, the bureaucratic scum was finally shamed into allowing Tul Bahadur Pun into the UK so he could live out the rest of his days with proper medical treatment from the NHS, which incidentally they would gladly give to any British born crackwhore who has never worked a single minute in her life, not counting tricks, and never will. In case you were wondering, they'd also be glad to help out any rapist, child-raping pedophile, mass murderer or Islamic terrorist but not an old soldier who gave just about all when they needed him. But wait, I like most of you would think that Tul's battles with the bureaucratic scum would be over now, wrong again.
Mirror [June 2008] - An NHS boss terrified a hero Gurkha yesterday after banning him from heart treatment and claiming he owed THEM money. Tul Bahadur Pun - who was awarded the Victoria Cross for bravery - went to the hospital's cardiology department for an urgent follow-up appointment. But bosses demanded to see the frail 87-year-old's passport, said he would get no more NHS care and that he would get a bill for thousands of pounds for past treatment because he had "misled" them over his immigration status. The once-proud veteran was close to tears in front of other patients as he was forced to leave West Middlesex Hospital in London. Ironically, it was the same hospital that saved the war hero's life last August - since then he has been kept alive by heart drugs.

Hospital Income Generation Manager Andy Finlay [moron pictured above] said Pun's passport and visa showed he had no right to NHS hospital treatment. He argued that Pun had been issued with an indefinite leave to enter visa, not an indefinite leave to remain visa and therefore had no access to the NHS. He also asked the war veteran - one of only 10 living VC holders: "Is that what VC means in his passport?" Pun was kicked out of the hospital on the anniversary of winning the VC in Burma on June 23, 1944. Pun's lawyer, Kieran O'Rourke, said: "Mr Finlay then began to interrogate the old man, who does not speak English and had a friend acting as a non-professional interpreter. Finlay demanded to see Mr Pun's passport.

"He then made the serious allegation that the VC winner, had 'misled' the hospital previously in relation to his immigration status. Finlay told Mr Pun he would have to pay back the NHS. He was shocked and extremely upset." Pun - who is also blind and almost deaf - was granted indefinite leave to enter Britain in June 2007 after a Daily Mirror campaign to get him to the UK for NHS medical help. Last night Pun - who lives on just £135- a-week - said: "I could not sleep worrying about having to pay thousands of pounds for the treatment I have already had. I have not misled anyone, the British Government allow me to live here." But last night the West Middlesex Hospital reversed its decision admitting they had "made a mistake".
This is what the bureaucratic scum is like folks, this species has no emotions, no brains, no gratitude, no respect, no understanding, no common sense and worst of all, no shame. The bureaucratic scum has to be shamed every single time into doing the right thing, the species is simply incapable of doing the right thing. And you can rest assured that the leftist government running Britain will not punish this hospital, because they are the same scumbags who rejected this fellow in the first place. Spread the word folks, it's the only way to get justice done, name and shame. Hat tip The Lone Voice. I shall end with a description that tries to describe the kind of soldier who has earned a Victoria Cross, Tul Bahadur Pun.

Wikipedia - The Victoria Cross (VC) is the highest military decoration awarded for valour "in the face of the enemy" to members of the armed forces of some Commonwealth countries and previous British Empire territories. It takes precedence over all other orders, decorations and medals. It may be awarded to a person of any rank in any service and civilians under military command, and is presented to the recipient by the British monarch during an investiture held at Buckingham Palace. The VC was introduced on 29 January 1856 by Queen Victoria to reward acts of valour during the Crimean War. Since then the medal has been awarded 1,356 times to 1,353 individual recipients. Only 13 medals, nine to the British Army and four to the Australian Army have been awarded since the start of the Korean War.

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