PM Dudd flips on climate change

SMH - MOTORISTS will be spared an increase in the price of fuel under the emissions trading scheme being thrashed out by the Federal Government. As a special climate change subcommittee of cabinet met again yesterday, followed by a full cabinet meeting, senior Government sources told the Herald that the starting point was that there be no net increase in the price of petrol. "We are not going to do people over," one senior minister said.
I for one am glad he has flipped on this, I'm quite happy for politicians to change their minds when they come up with stupid policy and later realize the consequences. Would be nice if they'd use their brains before shooting off at the mouth in the first place, but these are leftists we're talking here. None the less I think we should be careful of the Dudd, he might rule out shafting you with additional carbon taxes on fuel, but he didn't say he won't shaft you at a later stage or that he won't shaft you in some other way.
The Government's price commitment indicates that should fuel be included in the emissions scheme, petrol excise would be cut to offset the increase caused by the imposition of a carbon tax. Another option is to defer the inclusion of petrol until after the election scheduled for late 2010.
I believe the next election is around 2010, so in all honesty I doubt Rudd the Dudd is ruling out the shaft out of concern for us, rather he's just holding off until the peasants have been fooled into voting for him again. Once the election is over, I suspect that working families and all that will be out the window and you'll be grimacing at the local petrol station and probably elsewhere. All in the name of leftie junk science. If he does lie to us and promise no carbon fuel tax and then weasel one in after the election, can we call him a 'lying rodent'?

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