A Story of Roaches

This great story came many months ago from a reader of mine identified as AC. Unfortunately as I was swapping over to a gmail account and reorganising things, I missed it until just recently. I did try sending an email but it kept getting bounce backs.

So, if AC is still reading this site, many apologies for the delay.

Now without further ado - here is the story.

There was once a civilization of cats and dogs that had lived together for many years. They learned that war among one another was not the best solution to things, that by combining their civilizations they were able to achieve greater things than they could alone. The cats swift mind and reflexes along with the dogs mean bite and strong muscles were a perfect combination for an advanced society.

The cats and dogs lived together for many years, creating a civilization where all cats and dogs were equal, where each had the right to vote on who would be the pack leader, and the belief that all other animals deserved the same freedom they were experiencing. They also believed that those who did not agree with their way of civilization, had the right to voice their views and that oppression and tyranny, as well as radical dictatorial dogs or cats were not allowed.

Many years had passed by until one day the cats and dogs decided to try and let a new race mix in with theirs, a group of cockroaches. They thought (the cats and dogs), being the kind animals they were, that the cockroaches deserved a better chance in life than lingering in the slimy sewers all day, they offered the cockroaches an opportunity to join a more cleaner society where they were treated just the same as any cat or dog, with the expectation they would provide their labour in employment.

However, sadly to the animals surprise, the pests who called themselves the cockroaches thought they were better than the cats and dogs, and they held huge demonstrations stating that the way the cats and dogs lived were false and that the way of the sewers was the only way in the world (why they didn't just return to the sewers, no one knows).

The cats and dogs, not understanding how the cockroaches could think that a slimy sewer led by dictatorial demi-roaches was something to die for, let the cockroaches voice their views anyway.

Some cats went into the sewers out of interest to see how the cockroaches lived... these cats were killed and mutilated whilst alive in the most vile of ways. Still however, the Cats and Dogs did nothing.

The cockroaches then continued to protest outside of their sewers, in foreign land they were welcomed into.. instead of showing respect they spat in it and praised the great demi-roach that oppressed them.

Many years had passed, and all the while the cats and dogs still did nothing, they believed, even though many of their number had died to murders by the cockroaches, that the cockroaches were still allowed their views and that in the democratic society of the cats and dogs, the cockroaches should not have their rights violated.

The cockroaches then invaded all forms of the animal society in large numbers. With no pesticide to control them as they were meant to be controlled, they claimed many parts of the world as theirs, yet still the animals believed that it was the cockroaches right to do so.

Finally some cats and dogs saw what was happening, and before it was too late they set forth an army to rid society of the cockroaches they had once welcomed.

To the cats and dogs surprise however, millions of cowards among their very own numbers, both cat and dog, rose to the defense of the cockroaches. They claimed that the cats and dogs killing the cockroaches were nothing more than oppressors and that the cockroaches should be allowed to continue to voice their views and be treated the same as any other cat or dog.

It was because of this that the cockroaches were never defeated.. and slowly.. whilst political debates raged between all the animals, the cockroaches nibbled on them softly (including the cats and dogs that stuck up for them), and eventually overtook the great society that was formerly known as the democratic society of animals.

The world was then turned into one big sewer, and at the end of the day, the cockroaches realised all they had gained was greater oppression by their very own vermin. The promise of equality they once had with the cats and dogs was gone as they were wiped by bigger and more crueler roaches, the very roaches they fought to die for.

Though it all made sense to them, for it was all in the name of the demi-roach Allah who promised so many things that never occurred.

For the cockroaches were the muslims, the animals were the civilized world of the West, and the reason the muslims overtook the civilized world was because of those vermin among the animals, the cats and dogs who protected the cockroaches, the fucking leftists who defied their own race for a bunch of worthless foreign insects.

Couldn't have said it better myself, though I do feel a little sad for cockroaches the world over. Not even they deserve to be compared to terrorist scum.

For just as Galloway has called for an alliance between cockroaches and the traitors amongst the cats and dogs, I call for an alliance between all loyal animals to prevent our world becoming one giant sewer.

Leftists are now going to go and cry because I have again said mean things about them and their terrorist allies.

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