Communist Party of Australia attempts military coup

A wonder of the modern age. Google. If you have sufficient time, and inclination, you can find out anything that takes your fancy. Take the Communist Party of Australia, for example. Back to Russia preferably. OK, I guess I'd best explain. First, I spy this story from the ABC about a handful of protestors that attempted to blockade one of the entrances to Shoalwater Bay. 'The Bay' is a major military training area that is being used for a massive joint AUS/US exercise called Talisman Sabre. Now, obviously, the chance to get your face and name in front of the cameras in an age when you are increasingly ignored, marginalised and despised for your beliefs is a chance you can't ignore.

The Communist Party of Australia has taken it upon themselves to raise a pathetic effort to garner attention to their cause. No rationale, no reason. Protest for protest's sake. Fine, I understand their right to protest peacefully, but you've at least got to MAKE SENSE! Here's where it get's interesting in regards to Google. What the ABC failed to elaborate in their story, or perhaps weren't told, or failed to hear, was the protest organiser was El Presidente of the Communist Party of Australia. Now, if that little tid-bit had been included, what chance it would have been news? Even one-eyed ABC lefty journo's know when to pull the plug on rampant idiocy. Usually.

Every time I see reports about some form of governmental protest, I simply Google the protestors if so named, and add it to the list of professional protestors. Hopefully the AFP and ASIO are doing the same. Isn't it strange that if members of the Communist Party protested in China, Russia, beloved Cuba etc, they would be summarily arrested and then "re-educated" in one of Amnesty International's holiday camps (read: Gulag), and yet they blithely expect the full weight of legal protections when disrupting governmental business, and trespassing, creating a public nuisance and other offences. Let's have a look at what the protest organiser has to say about joint military exercises, and see if you can understand the logic of the argument, if any exists.

"We believe that Talisman Sabre military exercises actually stop Australian troops defending Australia and train for us to take American orders in American pre-emptive strikes and coalition wars."

Tough words from Hannah Middleton. So, what of Hannah's background? A cursory Google and Whitepages search turns up the following publicly available information. It's just a matter of joining the dots to build a picture of Hannah Middleton, professional fuckwit. Here's what Hannah's got to say about terrorists and their organisations.

"Someone arrested for some nebulous association with or assistance to a banned organisation would have to prove their innocence. They would have no right to remain silent and could face five years jail for refusing to answer questions."

Perhaps Hannah could explain how the term 'political prisoner' was coined. The CPA's views on terrorist organisations are 'confronting and challenging' to say the least, in particular, the second point.
* That the existing criminal law can deal with any acts of terrorism. No new legislation is needed.
* There should be no banning of organisations or lists labelling individuals or organisations as "terrorists".
* There should be now new powers for ASIO.

Interesting link between Hannah and Shake Al-Hillbilly from 2002. Anyone confused over Al-Hilali's real reason's for going to Iraq recently should be aware that the Hillbilly has actively campaigned against any action to depose Saddam.

"We are delighted that Marrickville Council has endorsed the November 30 Walk Against the War," said Dr Hannah Middleton, spokesperson for the Walk Against the War Coalition. On Tuesday Council endorsed the Walk and directed its staff to widely publicise the event. A banner will also be displayed on the Newtown Neighbourhood Centre.

"We expect that a number of other Sydney local councils will take similar decisions," Dr Middleton said. "Opposition to a war on Iraq and to Australian involvement in it, and support for the Walk is huge and is growing all the time."

Who should be there to provide support at the end? Amongst others, Bishop Power, Sheikh Al-hilali, John Pilger, Iraqi Migrants Council President Kassim Abood, Medical Association for the Prevention of War President Dr Sue Wareham, ACTU President Sharan Burrow, and Rawan Abdul Nabi from the Palestinian community. Isn't it interesting that the godless Commie's and the Sydney Muslim's should announce a protest on a website devoted to Jesus arrival in Jerusalem? The hypocrisy of the fuckwits is staggering.

So if you are interested in contacting Hannah the Commie, feel free to use the PUBLICLY AVAILABLE details that I have merely COLLATED for RESEARCH PURPOSES.

Name: Dr. Hannah Middleton
Role: President of the Communist Party of Australia and various protest groups
Address: 10/ 23 Stewart St Glebe 2037 (02) 9660 7562 or (02) 9552 2248 or 0418 668 098
Click here to see a map of her residence. Not a place for one of the prole's to live, I would suggest, definitely not your typical working class suburb.

Don't call before 9, she's down getting her nails done at the parlour.

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