A Pair of Pricks

Yep, that’s right, they’re pricks – both of them:

Once again we’re treated to a dose of reality, EU-style. A united Europe? Balls. It’s a Franco/German carve up, and one that has always been carefully aimed at seeing Britain take it up the exit at every opportunity.
Rift widens over EU contributions

The UK must compromise on its EU rebate so the bloc can reach a deal on its budget, the German chancellor has said amid mounting pressure on London. Asked if there could be a deal without a UK concession, Gerhard Schroeder said: "That will not be possible".
Well, I have only two words for you, Gerhard. The first is unrepeatable. The second is ‘off’.
French president Jacques Chirac has also urged Britain to make a "gesture" on the £3bn ($5bn; 4.5bn euros) it gets back from the EU budget each year.
I have many, many more words for Jacques. All are unrepeatable.

Mr Schroeder was speaking after talks with his Luxembourg counterpart, Jean-Claude Juncker, who currently holds the EU presidency.

"What is important is that all countries show responsibility for this whole Europe and make a serious attempt to secure the financing," he said.

Try getting a few more of the parasites to start contributing then, hey Gerhard? Now there'd be a novel idea!
The chancellor met earlier in Paris with Mr Chirac, who called on Britain to "make an effort", saying there needed to be "greater fairness" in EU contributions.

Oh really? And what of big fat France, and its even fatter farm subsidies? Any movement there?
. . . Britain's net contribution to the EU is much greater than that of France - whose farmers receive generous subsidies from the EU's Common Agricultural Policy.
Mr Chirac made clear that a 2002 agreement that preserves farming subsidies should be implemented.
Gosh – what a surprise. . .

You know, I really dislike the Europeans.

Update: actually, that's very unfair on the Europeans. It's France and Germany I dislike. They've behaved like psychopathic weasels for the better part of two centuries.

Bad habits die hard. . .

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