Australian Senate in grave danger. Apparently.

Well, the Australian Greens are at it again. With the removal of their last poll, the one asking about fascist gulags, over 4 in 5 votes registered with the Greens (82%) supported the continuation of the current government immigration policy. Now clearly this was yet another aberration by the Greens. They foolishly allowed an option that cogent, rational, sane readers would automatically opt for.

Understandably, the morons have removed this poll and instituted another pet project. It's a fascinating insight into the thinking behind the compilation of the question. Seeking to find collective justification for an attack on the concept of democracy, the Greens have devised a cunning set of responses to a question relating to impending Senate irrelevancy for the Greens. In fact, they haven't even created a set of loaded responses, just a one sided polemic with an array of supportive arguments. Specious arguments to justify a position against the will of the majority of Australian voters. It's time the blame is laid squarely at the feet of those responsible for giving this unbridled power to the government. The public.

It would be more realistic for the Greens to ask the question;

Q: Are the Australian voters that elected for conservative control of both houses of federal parliament,
A: Stupid idiots,
B: Dumb morons,
C: Redneck arseholes,
D: Ignorant lickspittles or,
E: All of the above.

Go and visit the Greens. Watch what happens when a political party finds it impossible to be taken seriously and resorts to complete idiocy, starting tomorrow. Sorry, was thinking of the ALP there for a second.

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