Of leftist stupidity and matters of food

Today Tonight - one of the worst "current affairs" shows in history was on a role with leftist dipshits tonight with not one but two stories illustrating the stupidity of said leftists.

The first story hinted at a devious and secret conspiracy by food companies to rip you, the clueless consumer, off. But as with the telecommunications non-conspiracy, it was another load of leftist crap. It turns out the food companies have been using a concept that is so ultra top secret it is only taught in first year marketing and psychology classes all over the world - namely the Just Noticeable Difference! [insert shocking, dramatic music]

Essentially (in this case), food companies will try to gradually reduce the size of their products, always keeping the change below the point where consumers will realise the size has changed. It has been going on for years - biscuits, burgers, toilet paper, bread, paper towels, tissues, sponges, cereals, chocolates - you name it. You will be hard pressed to find a product that hasn't decreased in size or quantity while prices have gone up.

That reminds me. What was that thing called? You know, the gradual increase in prices over time.....oh that's right! It's called inflation, and not "evil and devious and profiteering by the equally evil and greedy food companies" or whatever the leftist dipshits were trying to call it.

The next story featured was about the Parents Jury, a group of people who seemed to have the right idea but skew away at the last moment down the path of leftist dipshitism. They want safer environments for their kids (as we all do), they want healthy choices in school canteens (those choices should be there), they want kids to do more exercise (hell, that needs to be the case).

Three ticks, but then, just when I think this might not be a story about leftist dipshitism..... they try to shift the blame for it all to the advertising of junk food and give out awards to the advertisements they deem as having the most detrimental effect.


"Oh I am sorry, but trying to pass the buck on your parental responsibilities and blaming television, advertising, junk food companies, well....anyone but yourselves really, for YOU failing to control YOUR child's diet, is an incorrect answer and a definite trait of a leftist dipshit. But let's see what we have as a consolation prize."

I have already explained how to deal with your children should they see something on television and then start bugging you for it. Read the article and you will see it is the same way my mother dealt with me when I kept bugging her for McDonald's or icecream or chocolate or chips or whatever junk food I would be asking for. The article also contains the only piece of information you need to stop you children eating junk food. (For the leftist dipshits, it is the bit in large font that is underlined and bright pink in colour)

Now some may be saying "But that doesn't help the child understand why they shouldn't be eating junk food." That's right - it doesn't. But you know something.....


Once they are in their teens and old enough to start making their own choices, then by all means, explain everything you want to them. It is more important for children to behave properly that it is for them to understand why they need to behave properly.

My mother would try and explain to me about getting fat and how it can lead to making me sick and unhealthy and how when I got older I could have heart attacks. And guess what? As a kid of seven years old I DIDN'T CARE! I wasn't fat, I was rarely sick, and I thought the age where I would need to be worried about heart attacks would never come, it was so far away from me.

So my mother took it upon herself to, you know, BE A PARENT, and say NO when I asked for junk food and also make sure I ate healthy foods. I didn't like it at the time but mum was mum so I did what I was told.

Once I got older, old enough to make my own choices about what I ate, once I started looking at the effects of obesity in Health class, once my metabolism start slowing and the kilos starting appearing, then I began to understand why my mother was so insistent that I eat right and not have junk food all the time.

Taking responsibility for your children by saying NO when they ask for junk food and making sure they eat right and get plenty of exercise is something you leftist dipshits really should try before blaming someone else.

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