The more you say it

In this post, I looked at how an AAP stringer couldn't tell the difference between a piece of legislation called Voluntary Student Unionism and outlawing student unions. The AAP first par went as such:
THE nation's peak university body has told the Federal Government its legislation banning student union fees will threaten thousands of jobs as well as key sport, health and welfare services.
Well, the Indy Media Watcher just e-mailed me, pointing me at a comment by the Evil Pundit over at Tim Blair's blog. The comment linked to this SMH piece, which had a first paragraph of:
National Party senators are threatening to block the Federal Government’s legislation to outlaw student unions, potentially derailing one of the Prime Minister’s ideological ambitions.
This is twice in four days. Not just a one-off mistake. The last piece from the Herald got through at least two journalists and one sub-editor, and they didn't think to clear up the huge factual deficiency in the very first sentence?

And people wonder why I'm instantly skeptical of any Sydney Morning Herald piece.

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