Queensland house ad infuriates hundreds of Reddit users

This is a very unsophisticated comment. Such blocks of land are called "battleaxe" blocks and are well-known in Queensland. Apartment blocks often have them. My house is built on one and I have never had any problems with it -- but it is handy for setting up a long table for summer evening dinner parties

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An ad for a four-bedroom house in Queensland has infuriated homeowners and tenants, with hundreds taking to Reddit to rant about councils and lament the state of the Australian property market.

An aerial shot of the home — located in Logan and positioned on a 3258 sqm block — was shared to the forum site.

At first glance, it looks like your average block of land — but on closer inspection, has an L-shaped “private yard” that wraps around the neighbouring home on one side, and very little space between the neighbouring house on the other side.

Many pointed out the narrow-looking home and odd shaped yard were likely the result of one person buying a single, large block of land and then dividing it into two or three.

“I imagine the weird block shape was due to an owner dividing one larger block into two, rather than anyone who was in a position to build row houses,” commented one user.

Another wrote that they “used to live in a house where the owner sold off part of the backyard (original block was over 1000 sqm so we still had a yard)”.

“Developer next door built three units on his resulting L shaped block. Then I discovered selling off your yard was not uncommon here,” they went on.

“To access the back you have to go THROUGH the current house which makes it impractical to build or sell afterwards. The block on the left would be a better proposition for that.”

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