The Left are the real enemy of blacks

In Africa, in Australia and elsewhere.  Leftists are angry people and love to create anger and destruction in others.  "Protests" by blacks are often egged on by white Leftists behind the scenes

Robert Glyne

As a boy growing up in Kenya during the Mau Mau uprising, I was used to seeing violence and cruelty.

My first major impression came one day when I was on the front porch reading a book not long after the uprising had been officially put down. I was surprised to see an African walking up to the house. He stopped nearby and after the formal greeting in Swahili, he asked if he could speak to the Memsahib.

I went inside and told mother that there was an African outside who wanted to speak to her.

She went outside and, seeing who it was, gave a shout of joy and went over to the man and gave him a great big hug.

This man’s name was Mugo and he was from the Kikuyu tribe.

During the Mau Mau, the terrorists tried to force their own people, the Kikuyu, to kill and murder their white employers. They did this by holding what was known as ‘oathing ceremonies’ which were rather cruel and bound the people through superstition and witchcraft. Many of these Africans, rather than be forced to kill their employers, went back to their tribal lands and waited until the uprising had been put down. Later, they returned to regain their employment.

Mugo was one of nature’s gentlemen. He was cheerful and stuck by the family through thick and thin. Mugo was an extremely decent man in every sense of the word.

There were several reasons why many Africans remained loyal to the Europeans.

One, was that they had employment and they were provided with accommodation. Two, they were given free medical treatment and their kids were given free education. More importantly, the money earned often went to their families who remained in their traditional villages. Lastly, most of the Africans realised that the modern world was arriving and they had to learn to deal with it.

Sadly, the British governments of the time found that it was very expensive to keep their army in Kenya, so they dropped Kenya like a hot potato.

Fast forward to the Rhodesian Terrorist war.

Many people are amazed when I tell them that 70 per cent of the Rhodesian security forces were, in fact, Africans who were extremely loyal to the Smith regime – not to mention the many Africans who worked in cafes and hotels and mechanical shops.

I asked many Africans why they did not support the terrorists; their answer was this. ‘We have seen what is happening in the rest of Africa. It is f***ed. we don’t want to end up like that.’

The percentage of black people who fought on the side of the terrorists was actually minute compared to the population as a whole, and many of them were only there because their families were threatened by the terrorists if they did not comply.

When protected villages were set up and the Africans felt safer, many of the terrorists actually changed sides and fought with the security forces.

A classic example was the Selous Scouts, who were a pseudo terrorist unit. The aim of the unit was to infiltrate the terrorist gangs and report them to the army. Many of these pseudo terrorists were in fact ex-terrorists who had willingly changed sides.

As an ex-SAS friend of mine stated: ‘If the blacks hated the whites as much as the media portrays, then all the four million black people had to do was to pick up a rock or a machete and kill the few hundred thousand whites. It would have all been over in a few days.’

Then, as now, the politicians were not interested in what the ordinary people think or want, they only listened to the noisy minority.

If anyone hated the Ian Smith regime, it was not the black people, it was the British government under the Labour idiot, Harold Wilson. Wilson tried to order parts of the British army and Air force to go and fight with the terrorists against the Rhodesians.

It is a little-known fact that the military refused to do as ordered, their reply was, ‘We will not fight against our own brothers, especially as they fought with us during the war.’

The British army had mutinied against their own government. (There is an ongoing story to that as well.)

One aspect of this is the reality that the Colonials realised that they had a duty of care to the African people and that was to help them adapt to the modern world, something which has been ignored.

The fallout of this stupidity is all too plain to see today.

Africa was thrown to the wolves in the name of political expediency. This has resulted in a return to tribalism, violence, and cruelty – not to mention the descent back into superstition and witchcraft.

In Australia, the duty of care that should have applied to the Aboriginals has been cast aside.

The biggest act of racism towards the Aboriginals was not the concoction and falsity of the ‘attempt at genocide’, it was the marginalisation of these people with welfare, only to be replaced later with empty gestures and false praise.

The message is clear… ‘We do not want you as part of our future, stay in the dirt whilst we hand you money from the working taxpayer.’

It is a known fact that reliance on welfare creates boredom, frustration, and resentment which in turn leads to alcoholism, drug use, and a drift towards crime – especially when there is no accountability due to too many people profiting from other people’s misery.

As one Aboriginal told me, ‘Whilst they have got us like this, they own us.’

Over the years, there have been many public meetings to address the problems of crime and violence within our community in Townsville.

In the lead-up to these meetings veiled threats were made to us from the Labor party and council. Undercover police were sent to the meetings, they were told to look for any evidence of racist comments. We were even told that the Aboriginals would attack us, and that the police were instructed to do nothing.

At the meetings however, we found a totally different scenario.

It was the Labor politicians who verbally abused us and tried to intimidate us. What we found from the Aboriginals was also different. The Aboriginals who did attend the meetings were actually on our side.

A comment from one woman said it all.

‘Hi mate. Even though it is some of our people who are causing these problems, we are not your real enemy. Our real enemy is those people.’ She was pointing to the Labor politicians who were strutting around trying to intimidate people who had attended the meeting.

Once again, it is up to ordinary people to realise what is going on and how stupid many of our so-called leaders are.


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