Video emerges of former Australian TV star saying the N-word on national TV

14 years ago, he addressed a white man as "N*gger", clearly using the word as a putdown.  Even 14 years ago that was pretty egregious.  But how is digging up the past helpful today?

Shocking footage has resurfaced of troubled former TV host Andrew O'Keefe using a racial slur during an interview on national television.

The disgraced star used the N-word while interviewing comedian Dylan Lewis as part of the Seven Network's short-lived television series This Is Your Laugh in 2008.

'I thought, this guy is wack, that's how we used to say it back then,' O'Keefe says  during the segment. 

'Wack means s**t,' replies Lewis.

However, the interview then takes a turn for the worse when O'Keefe responds: 'Not where I came from, n****r.'  

The offensive remark draws collective gasps from the audience, including Lewis, as an unfazed O'keefe carries on with the interview.

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