Leftist hatred of Christianity

Christian doctrine as set out by the Apostle Paul in Romans 2 says that Christians should not condemn homosexuals but that God will punish them because they are evildoers.  So any influence drawing one into such evil is clearly to be zealously avoided.  Deviants are not being condemned, just avoided as an evil influence.  

Christians should be entitled to obey their Holy book.  Freedom of religion is widely respected but not by the Left.  Before the Peace of Westphalia, religious wars killed millions.  Tolerance of religious ideas avoids that

The peace of Westphalia ended religious wars between nations. Religious tolerance within a nation was slower coming.  The big break came with revulsion against the persecutions by the murderous Mary Tudor.  Her successor, Elizabeth I,  specifically renounced religious  consciousness

This is what happens when the self-appointed preachers of tolerance and respect don’t get their way. LGBTQ activists have covered Citipointe Christian College in foul graffiti.

The school, which made national headlines this month for asking parents to agree to a Christian view of sexuality as a condition of enrolment, has been forced to remove signage to prevent further vandalism.

Staff have received a barrage of abuse, including death threats.

‘Be more respectful, or we’ll destroy your property.’

‘Be tolerant like us, or we’ll kill you.’

It’s a hell of an argument against people exercising their religious freedom.

Speaking of argument, everyone knows opponents of the Religious Discrimination Bill are not really trying to stop children being expelled from Christian schools for being gay. We know this because there’s not a single example of it ever happening. Not one.

What opponents of the Religious Discrimination Bill really want to stop is the LGBTQ worldview ever being criticised in a Christian School. We know this because they have said so. Repeatedly.

It is telling that critics of Citipointe Christian College’s enrolment contract were not satisfied when it was rescinded.

That’s because critics were less outraged by the contract than by the Christian worldview that informed the contract; specifically that homosexuality is a sin, and that gender is a fixed biological reality.

What activists really want is for Christians to agree that Christian beliefs on sexuality and gender are wrong. In short, activists are demanding Christians be less Christian.

A gay former Citipointe Christian College student told SBS that ‘language condemning homosexuality was very damaging to himself and other young people’.

It was so damaging that he completed 12 years at the school. And he wasn’t expelled for being gay. He graduated.

But, you know, the ‘language’!

A Parents, Family and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PLAG) spokeswoman said Citipointe Christian College needed to do more than scrap the enrolment contract and remove the principal, they needed to ‘show that they have changed their thinking’.

‘They need to come out publicly stating that there has been an error in their judgment and their thinking, and they agree that they were wrong,’ she said.

Well sure. But why stop there? Perhaps PLAG could do a full audit of Christian doctrines and advise the Citipointe community which ones they should change. Whatever’s left, after the gays and lesbians have redacted the bits and pieces they don’t like, could be called the Bible.

Just days after the Citipointe College contact became public, The Guardian pointed out that Penrith Christian College had a statement of faith that listed homosexuality and transgenderism as ‘not acceptable to God’.

How this is news, I am not quite sure.

There’s an old adage in journalism that news is not a dog biting a man; news is a man biting a dog. Similarly, one would think news is not a Christian school promoting a Christian worldview; news would be a Christian school promoting the LGBTQ worldview.

The Guardian reported breathlessly that Penrith school’s statement of faith is attached to enrolment forms and parents are asked if they have ‘read and understood’ it.

Rationalist Society of Australia president Dr Meredith Doig described the school’s beliefs as ‘appalling’ and warned that ‘schools like Penrith and Citipointe are just the tip of the iceberg’.

‘Their biblically-based anti-LGBTI views will become much more commonly seen if the Religious Discrimination Bill is passed,’ she said.

In other words, Christian views will become much more commonly seen if Christian schools are allowed to freely express their Christian views. This, rather than the imagined gay child expelled by hateful Christian teachers, is the real problem opponents of the Religious Discrimination Bill have.

Psychologist Paul Martin agreed the problem at Citipointe was not just the controversial enrolment contract but that ‘many people in evangelical Christian communities and even in evangelical conservative Protestant families still hold on to outdated beliefs about homosexuality’.

So, Dr Martin believes the problem with many Christians is that they still hold Christian beliefs.

Dr Martin insists that Christianity needs to move with the times, ‘the times’ being a euphemism for ‘fashion’. The problem for Dr Martin is that Christians aren’t trying to be fashionable, they are trying to be true to what they believe is the word of God, which puts their views beyond the times.

The psychologist continued: ‘What has happened at the school is so harmful that it could – for some people – be the trigger for suicidality.’

Speaking of psychology, it would be interesting to study the merits of the ‘change your views to mine, or people will die’ debating tactic. I suspect it is intended to work much the same as the ‘don’t let children be expelled for being gay’ tactic works – as a Trojan horse for banning suddenly unfashionable Christian doctrine altogether.


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