Ord Irrigation Scheme to expand into the NT, AAMIG selected as developer

Amazing that this old dream lives on.  You can grow almost anything at the Ord but it is remote from possible markets so transport costs make its products uncompetitive in price.  Last I heard, the only thing they were successfully selling was Sandalwood -- used as incense in Asia

The long-awaited expansion of the Ord Irrigation Scheme into the Northern Territory is a step closer, with AAM Investment Group chosen as the preferred developer.

Historically known as Ord Stage 3, the Keep Plains Agricultural Development is a 67,500 hectare parcel of land in the Northern Territory adjacent to Western Australia's Ord Irrigation Scheme.

AAM Investment Group (AAMIG) is an Australian-owned investment company that already owns the nearby Legune cattle station.

Its portfolio also includes broadacre mixed farming and livestock operations near Forbes in New South Wales, cattle and sheep operations near Blackall in Queensland and large-scale poultry operations in South Australia.

The company says it is aiming to start with dryland farming on the Keep Plains and to eventually develop irrigated crops like mangoes, bananas, nut trees, maize and other fruit and vegetables.

Opportunities for jobs and innovation
AAMIG and the Northern Territory Land Corporation will now enter into negotiations to finalise a Project Development Agreement.

NT Farmers Association chief executive Paul Burke said the "major agricultural development" would bring "significant long-term economic as well as regional development and investment outcomes".

"The flow-on will create new jobs and training opportunities and grow northern Australia's capacity to lead with new innovation, technology and infrastructure, and environmental stewardship," he said.

The land release is understood to be the biggest of its kind ever seen in the Northern Territory.


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