Instagram picture shows Grace Tame pictured with a very large bong. The then-19-year-old posted the photo along with a small green weed symbol

She is alarmingly good-looking and marijuana use has always been fine to the Left so the rapturous support evoked by the picture below was entirely predictable.  And the look on her face tells it all.  She was pretty high. I have not once used any drug of abuse but I have been around users often so I know that look.

The literature on the subject is quite mixed but there have been many studies reporting a descent into psychosis by users.  I have seen that too.  So a reasonable response to the photo might be to question her judgment.  That would include her rudeness to the PM

Comedians, musicians, politicians and other high-profile Australians have rallied around Grace Tame after an old photo of her pictured next to a bong went viral online.

The sexual abuse survivor and former Australian of the Year was back in the headlines just hours after she came under fire from Prime Minister Scott Morrison's wife for not showing 'respect or manners' after being welcomed into their home.

Critics delved into Ms Tame's Instagram feed on Monday and unearthed a photo from 2014 of her as a 19-year-old sitting on a couch with a large bong - a water pipe used for smoking cannabis - next to her.

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  1. It is her life to smoke as she sees fit but my encouragement to do so she will not get. If asked about it I would remain unsupportive. At best she is smoking away years of her life living inside an emotional bubble, at the cost of lessening her potential for thinking and seeing things as clearly as she could have. One of the risks is indeed psychosis and I have experienced this myself decades ago but basically got off lucky. Others have come to their senses after committing horrendous acts of violence. That must be one hell of a horrible wake-up call.


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