Must not even ASSOCIATE with people who criticize homosexual behavior

We read:
"Howard Shultz, the CEO of Starbucks, has unexpectedly backed out of a planned address at this week’s Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit.

Some are questiong if Shultz’s decision, which is still not reflected on the summit’s web site, is based upon a recent petition that was launched by Asher Huey, a liberal political consultant. In his petition, Huey labeled the house of worship “anti-gay” and railed against Shultz’s participation.

In describing his initiative on the progressive web site, Huey writes:
The church that is sponsoring the event on August 11th and 12th has a long history anti-gay persecution. For decades the church was a member of Exodus International, the organization that seeks to cure homosexuality through dangerous conversion therapy.

The church split ways with the group, but in doing so stated that it wasn’t a change in belief but a change in focus. The church also has their own “outreach” programs to the LGBT community to spread their anti-lgbt message.

While questions are certainly being raised about the petition‘s involvement in Shultz’s decision not to attend, at present Huey has only collected 787 signatures (and that’s after a week of the poll being posted).


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