Leading Democrat deliberately stirs up racial strife

Nancy Pelosi Tells Predominantly Black Audience that the GOP Complicated the Debt Debate Because Obama Is Black‏. As if there weren't enough racial tension in America already, she is prepared to lie in order to create more of it. She is clearly an enemy of America and all Americans.

"Why is this President being treated so disrespectfully?" GWB wasn't treated disrespectfully, of course. "Obama=Nazi" signs are all over the place, aren't they?


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  1. What Pelosi and the Democrat-controlled media has deliberately omitted from their reporting for more than two years is that every documented instance of an "Obama=Hitler" reference has been performed by a Lyndon LaRouche follower. LaRouche is a Democrat, and a former candidate for the Democrat nomination for President. He commands a core of fanatically loyal Democrat Party members espousing a confused, quasi-European Leftist/anarchist ideology. The media has attempted to use LaRouche's street theater to falsely accuse the TEA party movement of racism.

    Pelosi's target is, of course the TEA party movement, whose membership, according to surveys, is 45% of American adults (of which 20% is registered Democrat, and 8% black). She's counting on her media ally to keep her audience ignorant of the fact the movement objects solely to Obama's policies, not his skin color.

    True to its Klu Klux Klan roots, the Democrat Party, Nanacy Pelosi, and Lyndon LaRouche are still using racism to advance their power.


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