Must not call Britain's rioting blacks 'jungle bunnies'

We read:
"A Tory councillor has been suspended after he made racist remarks about rioters. Bob Frost, who is also a secondary school maths teacher, described those involved in disturbances last week as 'jungle bunnies' on his Facebook page.

The 49-year-old posted the insult, referring to the riots in London on August 7, less than 24 hours after trouble flared in Tottenham, north London

The remark was removed from his Facebook page after he received a phone call from another Conservative party member. Mr Frost then wrote on Facebook: 'I have just had a phone call that accused me of racism for my above posting.

'Looking at the dictionary it would appear that the term jungle bunnies is perjorative [sic] and is a racist slur relating to African-Americans. 'Needless to say I did not mean to use any offensive racist term and was referring to the urban jungle.'

The councillor, who represents north Deal, added: 'As for the bunny bit it was originally animals but I thought people might object to me calling fellow humans this so I chose something I thought was innocuous and also cuddly.'

The councillor has been suspended from the party and an investigation into the comments has been launched before a panel decides what action to take.


"Bunnies" is a bit too kind. They were behaving like jungle beasts

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