Men from poor families tend to be uglier

How do you like that headline? Given the "all men are equal" gospel that guides the political Left, it is just about impossible to say it. It is terminally "incorrect". I might be just about the only person capable of making such a dastardly statement in public. It might hurt feelings!

Yet it seems to be true. There has just appeared in the academic literature a well-founded study which shows that.

So how have the media treated that finding? Read here if you want a laugh. They skate all around it and at no point make the blunt point that I have made.

And the scientists themselves did not repoort their findings bluntly either. All we got from them was some near incomprehensible waffle and speculation.

Yet the only statistically significant correlation in the reported data was between male facial symmetry (a major factor in attractiveness/ugliness) and coming from a poor background. And the correlation (-.44) was quite large as such correlations go. That was the one finding that they had to report.

I go into it all in more detail here.

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