"Bullying" M&Ms

"The Advertising Standards Bureau spent two months investigating the social interactions on talking M&Ms in commercials - after viewers complained the ads could lead to an increase in childhood bullying.

An ABS spokeswoman said the bureau spent just under 60 days investigating the television commercial, which featured a red M&M taunting his candy cohorts, after receiving a number of objections to the message portrayed by the talking chocolates.

One complainant said the advertisement gave children the impression bullying was OK. "M&M's is the most influential product on the market and needs to ensure the message that children receives is positive and assisting in their growth and development," the complainant said.

"When marketing a product the message should be about development of our children not showing them that the red M&M can dominate the rest of the group. Children will see this as a normal way of life as the M&Ms portray to them those they mix with at school."

After deliberating for two months, the ABS determined the advertisement was "humorous rather than bullying".


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