A means to an End

We occasionally hear of animal rights groups in the UK turning violent and terrorizing drug companies and their employees for testing their potentially life saving drugs on animals before they try it out on humans, the nerve!!

Well, I am confident the following testing is sure to get a big tick from the eco-terrorist greenies like PETA and the corporation-hating leftists. Why.. read on.
Scientists are developing a male contraceptive drug which stops the development process of sperm. Tests on rats show blocking connections to cells which "nurture" developing sperm makes the animals infertile.

Dr Richard Anderson, from the University of Edinburgh, who has been investigating hormonal male contraceptives in the UK, said: "This is very promising.

"A non-hormonal approach to male contraception using a drug which specifically targets a process in spermatogenesis has long been a very attractive option, as it leaves hormone production by the testis intact."

He said it appeared the drug effects could be fully reversible, although only a single dose was given in the study. "Clearly there are enormous amounts of work needed to translate this to humans.
Seriously, when was the last time leftists and greenies were opposed to any form of contraception, ok there is abstinence, but that's something those wretched Christians are banging on about and technically, not opposed by and not promoted by the left.

If the drug was being developed to save a human life or improve human reproduction in any way, the rat lovers would be screaming till their voices were hoarse. But in this case, sorry Stuart, Mickey and Jerry, suck it up, we’re all out of petitions.

While I’m on the subject of eco-terrorists, here are some academics talking sense.
Rifle-toting tourists hunting exotic animals could actually help protect Africa's vulnerable species, a leading conservationist has suggested.

Elephant populations had benefited from a permit system that allowed sport hunters to kill a limited number of the beasts, according to Eugene Lapointe. Writing in the BBC News website's Green Room, Mr Lapointe, president of the International Wildlife Management Consortium (IWMC), said that despite the best efforts of conservationists, the number of threatened species continued to grow.

A number of nations in southern Africa had adopted a "sustainable use" philosophy, including Namibia, South Africa and Botswana, he added. "They have issued permits to sport hunters to kill a limited number of elephants that are pre-selected according to factors like age and sex. They cannot shoot breeding animals, for example," Mr Lapointe explained.

As a result, these nations had well-stocked and healthy elephant populations and poaching was not a major problem, he observed.

The idea of "trophy hunting" being a weapon in the conservationists' armoury to protect vulnerable species was supported by Peter Lindsey from the University of Zimbabwe. "Realistically, for conservation to succeed, wildlife has to pay for itself in Africa," Dr Lindsey told a recent meeting at London Zoo.
Makes sense, to those of us with a bit of common sense, after all it’s not like they are going out into the bush with tanks and Apache gunships to let loose at anything that moves, they are talking about sending some old timers off to a better place and getting the local citizens involved in conservation by giving them a financial incentive.
International Fund for Animal Welfare (Ifaw) spokeswoman Rosa Hill called the idea of shooting elephants and rhinos "morally unjustifiable".
Yeah, these fellows are talking too much sense, we just need to get into our thick skulls, that the problem is humans, guns are mean and not enough aid is given by the guilty west.

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