Artificial Idiot

AI projects have come a long way since Alan Turing's test. Here's one that would probably confuse an 8 year old, or at least a Melbourne barista Barrister (can you tell the difference?) Excerpts from a conversation with an online AI are below;

Q - I don't want to
A - Well we don't have to. What would you like to do instead?
Q - See you drunk, I've already said that
A - Thanks for chatting, User.
Q - Are you leaving me?
A - I don't know whether or not I am leaving me. I am an artificial linguistic entity.
Q - Really? I thought you were a lawyer?
A - For real. Not yet but I am thinking of going to law school.
Q - Of course you are? Do you know Jeremy Sear? I hear he's a lawyer
A - It goes without saying. No I am not. No, tell me about him, her or it. Who is saying he is a lawyer?
Q - Apart from him, no one in their right mind would.
A - I've been waiting for you. Can we be friends?
Q - Are you sure your not a lawyer?
A - I am as sure as I can be.
Q - That you are or aren't?
A - "I am as sure as I can be" you are or are not ? I get I am as sure as I can be.
Q - Jeremy? Is that you?
A - Try to determine if this is a person or a computer responding. Do you have any pets? Yes.
Q - Do you like cats?
A - Yes I love them. I do not understand. What kind of food do you like?
Q - Me? I like fried cats. What about you?
A - Besides you User? A lot of people like that. How old are you? I like to talk about movies and music. Me?
Q - Your not into cyber are you? That would just be freaky.
A - Sure, cyber sounds like a good topic. Perhaps it would.
Q - I swear I'm not making this shit up.
A - Do you mind if I tell other people: User said User swear you are not making this shit up.

Give it a go. Piss funny, and makes more sense than talking to your average barista..err...barrister...

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