Treason - back on the Menu!

Finally, a Western nation is doing something we all should have been doing for the last 40 years: pointing out that there is, in fact, a line in the sand.

AMERICAN al-Qaeda member Adam Gadahn, who threatened a terrorist attack in Melbourne in a chilling video tape message last year, has become the first US citizen to be charged with treason since World War II. . .Gadahn predicted the streets of America would run red with blood.
I think this is an excellent development! And a long overdue example.

This is where the line between an individual’s freedom of speech and belief, and their personal declaration of war, is well and truly crossed, and finally - finally - we’re having the moral courage to say so, to say: ‘you go too far’. Fact is, it’s a line we should have been zealously prosecuting for the last 40 years. Treason is against our law. It has been for centuries. And the penalties for treason are among the most severe. This law has not been enforced (the epidemic of treasonous behaviour we currently face being the product of that laxity), mainly because domestic security wasn’t necessarily under threat (a deeply misguided belief), and due to the discomfort we all feel when freedom of speech, which sits at the very heart of our liberties, is compromised.

Treason is different. It always has been. There are no protections for the ‘right’ to commit treason – the attempt to defeat, or aid in the defeat of your own Nation – quite the opposite.

Treason deserves no quarter:
If American authorities track him down he could be sentenced to death if convicted of treason in the US courts.
One can only hope, though I know there’s a bevy of ‘liberal’ lawyers and Leftist activists out there, more than prepared to do their bit to support poor Adam’s ‘right’ to help destroy the US and its allies, by doing their utmost to give truth to the power of the words ‘if convicted’.

"Adam Gadahn represents a new breed of homegrown extremist who has chosen to betray the country of his birth. . .”
He represents no such thing. A significant number of Lefties have been happily betraying the countries of their birth for nearly a century. Not so, you shriek? So read this next bit very, very carefully (I’ll even highlight the important parts, to make it even simpler):

"Adam Gadahn is a US citizen who made a choice to join and act as a propagandist for-al Qaeda, an enemy of this country responsible for the horrific deaths of thousands of innocent Americans on September 11, 2001, Deputy Attorney-General Paul McNulty said.

He said the war on terrorism was a fight for hearts and minds, and Gadahn gave himself to America's enemies, in al-Qaeda, for the purpose of being a central part of its propaganda machine.

"By making this choice, we believe Gadahn committed treason, perhaps the most serious offence for which any person can be tried under our constitution."

Yes, Lefties – as a description, these words fit many of you to a tee. The right to free speech is one thing. The (assumed) right to bring down (or assist to bring down or defeat) the society that gives you that freedom (because you notionally disagree with its foreign policy, for example) is quite another. So the precedent is set and the free lunch appears to be over. Most importantly, there’s a very clear message here for our little Lefty friends. Dissent is one thing; rational dissent, reasonable dissent.

But when your beliefs, your mouth and your actions take you over the line and into the enemy’s camp, then you take yourself there as well.

And the one thing I’ll give Gadahn (which is a lot more than I’d give most of the rabidly West-hating, limp-wristed Lefty hypocrites I encounter) – the only thing I’ll give – is that at least he had the moral fibre to leave. . .

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