We are weak

Last night, I happened to catch The Force - Behind The Line and Police Files – Unlocked, on channel 7. In these two programs, they showed how police catch criminals who may be running or fleeing from the law, they also showed the penalties that these criminals ultimately received. They showed stories from America, Australia and New Zealand, after watching the penalties dished out, it is quite obvious the Aussies and Kiwis judiciaries are just soft.

A few examples, in one incident in the US, a copper [maybe a state trooper] pulled over a driver in a pickup with suspect license plates. The cop asked the guy to open a suspicious looking package [later found to contain cocaine], the guy then tried to attack the cop with the knife he was using, the cop shot him in the stomach, but that didn’t stop the fellow, while the cop was trying to get help for him and calm him down the scumbag continued trying to attack the cop. To cut a long story short, the guy was sent away for 38 years! That’s 13,870 days behind bars, and some of those days are “no lube”!

There was also a guy who led police on a wild chase through the hills of Hollywood, he too got a few years, I think 10+, I cannot remember the exact number of years. I hope one of our readers watched it and can fill us in.

Coming back to the softies down under, in New Zealand 3 or 4 kids stole a car after losing a football match and led the police on a wild chase, they refused to stop after repeated attempts by police to bash their car off the road, they almost caused the death or serious injury of 5 or more police officers who were physically trying to stop them, they got 6 months weekend detention. The narrator [probably recognizing the obviously weak sentence] added, ‘they faced much worse consequences, from their parents’!

The next one was some piece of garbage that stole a sports car and had a police escort for 300+ kilometers, while he repeatedly broke the speed limit, till they could stop him with road spikes. All other traffic was diverted to give this fellow his freedom. He was given a few fines and maybe a good behavior bond thrown in to really scare him! I would have called in an apache gunship to give boys some much needed real life target practice, or at best, had this fellow clearing litter from that 300km stretch of highway by foot. That’s what I call setting an example.

Earlier in the night I happened to catch Today Tonight, they had a story about underage criminals and how their identities are hidden. They had a story about a grandmother who was brutally murdered by two teenage girls, the faceless murderers were sentenced to 6 years and were soon to be released. This was basically about naming and shaming teenage criminals, which I know the bleeding hearts and leftists are against.

Well I don’t care who they are either, I’m not interested in looking through some database trying to remember criminals faces so I can watch my back, underage or over 40. I don’t think the majority of the public care either, recently we heard of the brutal killing of a taxi driver, the suspects are two teenage girls, why should I care what their names are or what they look like. I just want them locked up so they can’t do it again. Take that fellow in the states who got 38 years for attacking the cop, does anybody care what he looks like or who he is, that’s simply because he is going to be wishing for “lube” on certain days for the next 38 years.

We have reached an absurd situation where we are trying to watch our own backs, the judicial system is not a dating service or a rehab centre, they are not a business with criminals being their clients and hence their priority.

They are supposed to lock away violent criminals for long periods of time so we don’t have to worry if some murdering scumbag has moved in next door because a faceless parole board didn't want to be mean, give them longer sentences, bring in the death penalty and gas the scum.

I know the criminal-coddling lazy left will be whining that the death penalty doesn’t stop murderers from killing. Well as Ann Coulter points out; it does stop the convicted ones from murdering again. Besides I’ve been in Australia for at least 5 years, in that time no one’s been hung from the local light pole and criminals are given light sentences, but people are still being molested, raped and murdered.

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