We Will Allow No One to Deprive Us of Our Rights

MEMRI is running translated Iraqi election advertisements. It's fascinating to watch these and if your heart is not moved then perhaps you don't actually possess one.

see the ads here:

We Will Allow No One to Deprive Us of Our Rights

Because We Have A Duty

Iraqi Unity

The Heroes of Iraq


Zarqawi declares war on Iraq poll

Militant leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi has reportedly declared war on next Sunday's election in Iraq.

An audiotape on an Islamist website purportedly voiced by the Jordanian-born militant calls on Sunni Muslims to fight against the vote.

"We have declared a bitter war against the principle of democracy and all those who seek to enact it," the speaker says.

I think that last sentence speaks for itself.

Right now Iraq needs our support, resolve and prayers more than ever.

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