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Susan Ryan in the Oz starts off well enough, lauding Condoleezza Rice as a remarkable woman, as well as the Bush Administration's tendency to advance individuals from minority backgrounds to some of the highest offices in the land. She scornfully compares this with the laughable treatment of Julia Gillard by her ALP pals. No problems there.

However, being a former ALP Cabinet Minister, Ryan's hold on reality couldn't be expected to be maintained throughout the course of the article:
Ironically, after an overwhelming victory in an election where he drew heavily on anti-gay and anti-abortion campaigns, Bush has chosen a single, childless black woman for his Secretary of State. This act is bipartisan. Diane Feinstein, a leading Democrat senator, introduced Rice to the Senate hearing. The nomination was approved by a 16-2 vote of the committee with Democrat Senators Barbara Boxer and John Kerry voting against Rice on policy grounds. Unusually, the nomination will be debated by the full Senate, to allow more criticism of foreign policy.
Unusually? Hand the woman a trophy or something. That is the most blatant example of coyness I've seen in a while.

As we've already seen, Rice's appointment is anything but bipartisan, and the Democrats have seen to it that the nomination will be debated by the entire senate because it will be one of the last chances they'll have for a while to thoroughly drag the former National Security Advisor through the mud.

She's black, she's a she, and she's one hell of a threat to them come 2008.

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