Dhimmitude is spreading

Like frickin' wildfire. People are lining up all over the place to participate in the latest brave episode in western civilization. I refer, of course, to the one where we'll all go down on our hands and knees and assume the posture of the Dhimmi, ready to react like lightning should a local Islamist require a footstool:
HERE'S a challenge for swimwear designers. Britain's advertising watchdog last week banned a series of television commercials featuring bikini-clad women because they were offensive to Muslims.

Stand by for the burqini, a fetching one-piece ensemble made entirely of black hessian, measuring 2m in length and equipped with a small vent through which women can stick their snorkel.

Also in Britain, the Fox network has agreed to demands from the Muslim Council of Britain for talks over a BSkyB drama depicting middle class Muslims as members of a terrorist sleeper cell. Just where do television executives dream up such fantasy?

Unless they were aiming for an accurate account of that September 11 hiccup, where middle class Muslims who were members of a terrorist sleeper cell murdered 3000 innocent people.

Again in Britain, a search and rescue service near the town of Preston had last week its funding slashed when authorities discovered it hadn't rescued enough ethnic minorities.

It wasn't that the Bowland and Pennine Mountain Rescue Team had done nothing while minority folk lay stranded at the bottom of cliffs.

In fact, it soon emerged there hadn't actually been any to rescue. But that's hardly the point.

And on Sunday, the Home Office confirmed it was considering a request, again from the Muslim Council of Britain, for this week's commemoration of the liberation of Auschwitz to be made racially inclusive.

Muslim leaders are threatening to boycott the event unless it acknowledges the holocaust of the Palestinian intifada.

In Britain, the cancer of political correctness seems all the more malignant, fuelled perhaps by the fabled determination of the Brits to be unfailingly polite.

As a result, the country looks through Australian eyes like a multicultural worst-case scenario, where befuddled Poms tie themselves up in knots to address all sorts of ludicrous grievances and in doing so undermine the values which have made this country a beacon for democracy and free expression throughout the civilised world.
This really isn't news in Britain. That is to say, it isn't news for those with five functional senses. I've spoken on this subject at length with a good friend who calls the Isles home, and it seems that things are headed downhill at a stunning rate.

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