No such thing as a natural disaster

The U.N. is holding its second-ever "World Conference on Disaster Reduction" this week in Kobe, Japan. The conference "used" to be called "World Conference on Natural Disaster Reduction" however the United Nations no longer believes that disasters are "natural" they are instead all now caused by humans.

Any humans in particular? Well of course ...

the U.N. a leading promoter of the unproven notion that humans are significantly altering global climate for the worse — to be able to blame people, as opposed to Nature, for deadly and costly occurrences such as hurricanes, floods, droughts, heat waves and the like.

And the particular people that the U.N. would most like to pin the blame for global warming on would be deep-pocket Americans, American businesses and the American government. As the global warming alarmist community likes to point out, the U.S. is the largest single contributor to the alleged global warming, emitting 25 percent of all greenhouse gases while possessing only 4 percent of the world’s population.

Toward the goal of blaming the U.S. for what used to be considered “natural disasters” in order to eventually extract financial compensation, the U.N. conference’s draft action plan is riddled with references to climate change [read, “U.S.-made climate change”] as causing or contributing to “disasters.”

The Bush administration rightly opposes the U.N.’s effort to de-naturalize disasters and has requested that the document’s references to climate change be removed. But U.N. officials oppose such changes.

“I hope there will be a global recognition of climate change causing more natural disasters,” said Jan Egeland, U.N. undersecretary-general for humanitarian affairs.


Given the media’s new habit of linking virtually any extreme or unusual weather with global warming, some scientists now even feel compelled to go out of their way to reaffirm that global warming isn’t causing natural disasters, as in the case of the string of hurricanes that hit south Florida last summer.

The U.N. has enlisted the help of the German Insurance Company Munich Re to underscore the costs the alleged impact of global warming and other “disasters” have on insurers.

Munich Re claims, for example, that the urban heat island effect — the modern-day phenomenon where cities are warmer than surrounding rural areas due to increased heat trapping by concrete and asphalt — amplifies the effect of global warming to increase the number of deaths caused by heatwaves.

Despite any intuitive appeal, this assertion is unfounded since there is no scientific evidence that global warming — which involves a hypothesized few-degree rise in global temperatures over the course of a century — has anything to do with summer heatwaves — which involve sudden dramatic, short-term shifts in local temperature.

Weather, after all, is not climate.

The end-game of the insurance industry, like that of the U.N. , is to be able to blame natural disasters on global warming so that it also can eventually seek compensation for its losses from U.S. businesses and taxpayers.

No matter how you look at this the only conclusion to be had is that the U.N. is once again still trying to screw over America and her citizens.


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