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It's recommended that you don't read any further if sad stories upset you.

Because they don't get much more tragic than this:
ROME Jan 21, 2005 — Evoking comparisons to "Romeo and Juliet," a husband in northern Italy killed himself out of grief for his ailing wife, hours before she came out of a coma, Italian state TV reported Friday.

RAI state TV said the husband visited his 67-year-old wife daily, sometimes coming to the hospital in Padua as much as four times a day, after she went into a coma after a stroke in September.

On Wednesday, the 71-year-old man committed suicide at the couple's Padua-area home, according to RAI and the Italian news agency ANSA. About 12 hours later, the wife emerged from the coma and asked for her husband, ANSA said.

ANSA quoted their pastor as saying the husband had told him he was very pessimistic about prospects for his wife's recovery.

The husband and wife, who were not identified, had no children.
These kinds of stories used to have little impact on me personally. But when I read this and think of the woman I love, it leaves me feeling chilled.

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