Hopefully It'll Be The Same Welcome They Gave Vietnam Vets

A welcome home is planned today for returning hero of the anti-West set Mamdouh Habib at Bankstown's Paul Keating Park (ain't irony a wunnerful thing?), featuring such luminaries as Kerry Nettle and the usual retinue of rent-a-crowd ratbags.

Unfortunately the returning Anti-Johnny Jihadist wont be there so he can be greeted in the customary manner by the assembled throng (how many do you need for a throng? maybe more than Nettle and a half-dozen acid-fried sixties throwbacks).

Habib is going to be otherwise occupied indulging in a spot of culinary blasphemy, and trying to nut out a way of further screwing taxpayers with his longtime shyster and publicity slut Stephen Hopper, who stands to dip out big-time if the Attorney General continues to refuse to pay Habib something to which he has no entitlement.

Here's a tip- Egypt Air flies out of SKSA three times a week to Cairo.

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