Time to Go, Mark Latham

While Janine Lacy's taste in men is questionable, her suggestion that her husband should make his way to the backbench seems sensible given the current state of his and his party's health.

Let's hope Ms Lacy is one of those wives who won't give her spouse any pudding, "loving" or money for the races if he doesn't do what he's told.

"No Marky Warky, you're not getting any ice cream until you resign. Don't make me have to tell you again, and get the hell off me."

With Latham saying something insipid yesterday and more disavowals from Kimbo the Cuddly Lion Cub - aka the Queen of Denial - about a challenge, his leadership looks in even worse shape than before he decided to re-open his mouth.

Also being blamed for stuffing things up are his employees, with Duncan Kerr opining on breakfast television, "his staff should have put out a statement indicating that he was...enormously distressed about the tsunami."

In true brekkie TV style, Kerr was then invited to become a judge in a reality style segment to determine who Latham's replacement should be.

While kicking staffers when they're down is reasonable, it should be taken into account most of this species (spindoctoris homosapien) have little life experience since their early adulthood was spent involved with law degrees and Young Labor.

If you encounter one of them on a plane to Canberra, just mutter "mate" or "comrade" depending on the factional allegiance of their boss, and then retreat quickly before they have a chance to get started on the dismissal of Gough.

Although Kerr has a point, former Senator John Button probably summed up what caused this whole mess better, even if his comments weren't directly related to it, when he stated, "what (has) replaced a broad spectrum of backgrounds (is) a new class of political operator who (have) been filtered through the net of ALP machine politics."

As for Ms Lacy, let's hope she's at this very moment dishing up an extra big bowl of ice cream for her hubby (the lite variety, wouldn't want to upset his pancreas), before putting on her best flannel nightie.

More on Latham or the Soap Opera Continues

When Kim "the pop gun" Beazley says he isn't going to challenge for the Labor leadership, you just know his supporters are doing the numbers even before he opens his mouth to speak.

Of course Kimmy, who's as cute as a button and as unthreatening as can be, has, according to "The Australian", "refused to respond to speculation he might be drafted into the position."

According to the "Dictionary of Spin" (available from your federal member or the ALP's national office care of The Media Unit, PO Box 6222 Kingston ACT 2604), what Beazley actually said was, "I will be challenging, however, I just can't say it yet because I would look like a complete and utter West Australian if I said something before Mark chucked in the towel."

You can also get a copy of "Learn to Talk like Kevin Rudd in a Matter of Years", but be aware following the instructions will make you indecipherable and uninteresting to most people.

That two-time election loser Beazley is even suggested as a possible successor to Latham is an indication of how dire things are for Labor as the unwell one's stint enters its last, somewhat surreal, days.

While it seems insensitive to say anything more about Latham as rumours circulate his health is even less flash than was thought, it's perfectly acceptable to point out that his deputy, Jenny Macklin, has proven once again she deserves to spend her time talking to student unionists.

"Like, it's really, like, awful having to, like, work as a student politician and turn up to classes every so often, Ms Macklin."

A contest for the deputy's position should also be being talked about.

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