This has been bugging me

Ok People, I have to tell you I'm incredibly apprehensive about putting this post here instead of only on my site. But with Mike needing a few days off I know I need to post something and this is what is on my mind at the moment.

So be warned this is an entirely Christian perspective post. If you find such things offensive then please don't read it.

As a Christian I admit I find it difficult but not impossible to speak out in disagreement when I oppose what other Christians are doing, especially considering the hard times Christians all over the globe are already going through. However there are some Christians that I do disagree with and that I believe need to be set straight, such as those who worked so hard to block Kid Rock from performing at the Inauguration, those who advocate banning Jon Stewart’s book from public libraries, and those who claim that George Bush “owes” us something for our support.

I didn't support the President because I thought I’d receive something in return. I supported him because I agreed with his stand on certain issues. I can’t imagine believing even for a second that any President would or could reward us with a perfect Christian Utopia, where we are never confronted with anything that may offend our Christian sensibilities. If you believed that then I suggest you re read your Bible because such a man made Utopia can not and will not ever exist in this world, nor should it.

If you are never forced to stand firm in your beliefs while faced with temptations and with hard choices, how can you truly say that you have given your life over to God?

Faith and grace are not gifts that you receive wrapped in protective covers with bows on top. They were never meant to be placed on a shelf and only taken out for show when the conversation leans that way. They are something that must be fought for. Faith is what keeps you hanging on with bloodied fingers and scabbed knees as you have fend off all the forces that try to destroy you and your belief in God and Grace is what you find when you reach that moment of quiet where you can take the time to allow God to patch the tattered remnants of your soul.

George Bush is not the second coming of Christ. He is a man and hopefully a good man who is exactly what he proclaims himself to be. So while we as Christians have Brothers and Sisters in Faith being slaughtered in Africa, imprisoned and tortured in Iran, China and North Korea and being persecuted in our own backyards, don’t you think our collective Christian energy should be used for something more constructive than blocking a Musician from performing at a political function?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m no fan of Kid Rock’s lyrics either but give me a break. He had as much right as anyone else to partake in the celebration of Bush’s re election. After all he took a huge professional risk being so vocal in his support of the President.

How many risks did you take?

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