New book: Educating your child: it’s not rocket science

Kevin Donnelly is a very experienced teacher and one of the voices of reason in Australian education. He is a good antidote to Leftist fashions in that field.

I don't agree with him on all issues but if you want an alternative view to what your kid is probably getting at school, this book should be helpful. Donnelly stresses that parents have a huge educative role too. Some of his major recommendations:

* Say ‘no’ to children and teach them respect and self-control

* Always have dinner at the table and make sure TVs, computers, game boys, electronic readers and mobile phones are turned off (and no computers in the bedroom)

* Surround children with myths, fables, legends, music, creative and practical arts

* Let children take risks and give them the space to make mistakes

* Give children a moral compass that will help them decide right from wrong

* Respect teachers and support schools in educating your child

* Understand that every child is different

* Understand that you cannot live your child’s life

* Realise that you are your child’s first teacher

* Enjoy and love being a parent – there is nothing that will ever equal the experience

He gives his reasons for each of those ideas in his book.

You can get it here. His website is here.

One area where I am less wary than Donnelly is in computer usage. I allowed my son to play computer games to his heart's content. But he is bright so always did well at school nonetheless and is now in Australia's premier university mathematics Dept. working on his Ph.D. So a lot depends on the child.

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