Other contributors?

I have called on a number of occasions for co-bloggers here and a couple of people have heeded the call but I still do 98% of the blogging here.

I will shortly be in my 70th year so thoughts of reducing my workload do loom rather large. I really need someone to take over regular blogging here with just occasional input from me.

An alternative would be to put this blog into hibernation and direct people instead to AUSTRALIAN POLITICS and my various other blogs.

Thoughts and offers?


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  1. I read a few of your blogs, and I think there is scope to merge a few of them into no more than 2 or 3, and re-direct the others to them. There have been many great conservative bloggers like Leigh Cartright (wheels128) and the guys who used to blog on Western Heart (James Ozark, Mike Jericho etc), who have all slowly dissapeared. Conservative bloggers have almost dissapeared in this country. Andrew Bolt holds the fort, but even he is to the left of most of us. Losing you would be tragic.....


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