Knowing British bureaucratic rigidity I understand this guy

He may have done all customers of that firm a favour

An unhappy customer smashed up a city centre mobile phone shop during an apparent row over a refund for a mobile phone contract.

Shocked shoppers filmed Jason Codner, 42, from Salford, on their phones as he methodically ripped out wall fixtures and set off fire extinguishers at the T-Mobile store in Manchester city centre. The footage, which later appeared on YouTube, shows the middle-aged man destroying the shop displays as staff watch in disbelief.

Dressed in a checked shirt and jeans, the man pulls stock from the walls and overturns tables.

The havoc continues for several minutes until one member of staff makes a call from his mobile phone and shopping centre security staff arrive at the store shortly afterwards.

Five burly police officers turn up seconds later and the man smiles and tells them he is OK. Police then arrest him and lead him away, after telling a huge crowd of bystanders to move on.

A spokesman for T-Mobile - whose slogan is Life is for Sharing - said the firm was aware of the video footage and was investigating the incident.

A Greater Manchester Police spokesperson said they were aware of Saturday's incident and that Jason Codner, from Salford, had been charged with criminal damage and public order offences. He is due to appear at Salford and Manchester Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday 30 July.

One shopper said: 'The footage is unreal and we couldn’t believe how much damage had been caused.

'He must have been seriously angry about something to go on such a rampage. Normally disgruntled shoppers would have just an exchange of words with a member of a staff about a product but this guy took it to a whole new level.'

A T-Mobile spokesman said there were seven staff members and several other customers in the shop at the time of the incident but all managed to escape without injury.

They added: 'The incident which occurred at the Manchester Market Street store was of course very upsetting for our staff. 'During the incident, all customers and staff were taken outside of the store as quickly as possible and the police were called immediately to handle the incident.

'The customer’s dispute was in relation to a refund that we were not able to give - as it was clearly outside of the stated terms and conditions.


He may have had good reasons for wanting a contract release -- such as illness, becoming unemployed or poor phone reception -- and the terms and conditions should make generous provisions for allowing reasonable requests

And in Britain, you've got to get all the rules right for all the circumstances. A Brit with a rulebook is like a robot. See a summary of the very different American approach here. The descendants of pioneers behave very differently from the descendants of serfs and villeins -- JR


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