Disgusting prank by Leftist magazine

The Duchess of Cambridge has done nothing to deserve this. She is unfailingly polite and pleasant to all. It's just Leftist hatred of success in others again, I suppose

For someone so beautiful, this isn't pretty. The face of the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, has been slapped on the front of a U.S. magazine with a set of yellow, decaying teeth.

The Royal was PhotoShopped like the American stereotype of a Brit with bad gnashers for a special issue of the politics and arts publication The New Republic about the future of Britain.

Last year the pearly white Duchess spent thousands of pounds having her teeth polished and turned to give her the perfect smile. French dentist Didier Fillion used a hidden brace to make Kate’s teeth appear a little out of line, un-American and therefore beautifully natural.


Sadly, this will just reinforce the British view of Americans as crude and crass. It will neither surprise nor upset most Brits.

And helping to make their own country look bad will not disturb the American Left one bit. Their patriotism is not even skin deep. It is at most a hollow pretense.

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