E-health bungledom

Just for fun, I decided to enrol myself in the new, sparkling, all-singing, all-dancing e-health record system just introduced by the Gillard government.

As you might expect from government, it was a lengthy process with lots of time-consuming questions to answer.

One surprise was the number of "secret" questions you had to nominate in order to verify your identity. Most sites require only two questions. This mob wanted five! I rather ran out of ideas after a while and ended up nominating my dead dog's name for one of them. I wept when he died -- as people do.

But in the end it was all for naught. I got to the stage where I had to enter the surname of the last medical specialist I had visited. I entered it and, Hey Presto! Up came the following message:

We have encountered an unrecognised fault and can't continue with your request. For security purposes, the process has been cancelled

Since the last medical specialist I have visited is the perfectly admirable dermatological surgeon Russell Hills, that his name should have caused such a meltdown rather boggles the mind. If his name had been something exotic, one might perhaps have a degree of understanding but if "Hills" is problematic, what is safe?

Where do I go from there? They didn't say. With a start like that, who would ever rely on them for anything? My advice: Don't!

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