Dinosaur Farts?

Okay, so I'm not JR, but I found this little tidbit on Breitbart.com with a link to an article in The Telegraph, and I figured I'd post it, since he's out of the loop for a spell, and we all know that Nature hates vacuums.
(...alright, go ahead and make the obligatory jokes.......)

Anyways, it seems that the brain-trust at Liverpool John Moores University have done a little study (costing how much money that ain't their own, I wonder?) and they've arrived at a couple of conclusions:

1.  The microorganisms in them ginormous Mesozoic dinosaur's gullets probably made them fart methane....a LOT of methane;
2.  Their mathematical models supposedly indicate that all those flatulent critters would have produced more methane than ALL "natural" modern animal sources, combined...like some 472 million tonnes (love the way you folks spell "tons"), which is supposed to be about the same as what's being produced by man AND animals these days.
(ain't that convenient?)

Thus, it would naturally follow - to the current, insanely politically correct zeitgeist of modern academia - that the result would have HAD to have been Mesozoic global warming.
(no mention in the article about the oh-so-obvious parallels to the "perils" facing us, of course.  I guess we're supposed to be sophisticated enough to come to the "correct" conclusion on our own.)

Shocking, I know....
Yeah, seems a little contrived, even to an old soldier in the Montana high country.....

Personally, I think the whole affair stinks of something more noxious than mere lizard farts.

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