Scotland: Police Arrest Six for Facebook Hate Speech

We read:
"On Wednesday, The BBC reported that police in Glasgow had arrested and charged six Facebook users for “breach of the peace with religious and racial aggravations.” These charges were based on the fact that the users had, allegedly, created a Facebook page called “Welcome to Israel, only kidding you’re in Giffnock,” upon which several posters mocked and insulted members of the Giffnock Jewish community. According to Jennifer Lipman of The Jewish Chronicle, messages left on the page included statements including “F*** the Jewish Zionist” and “Jewish scum.”

The arrests came after Stewart Maxwell, Scottish National Party (SNP) Member of the Scottish Parliament (MSP) for West Scotland asked the chief of the Strathclyde police to investigate those responsible for creating the page.

Police responded by sending nearly 50 police officers to raid at least seven different locations in the Glasgow area. During the raid, police confiscated what members of the local media described as “a significant quantity” of computer equipment. Police officials said that they hoped their actions demonstrated that Scotland would not tolerate hate crimes.


Speech that would be protected free speech in the USA is a "crime" in Scotland

There is a substantial body of opinion among Jewish writers which says that antisemitic speech should not be suppressed. Suppressing it probably leads to heightened antagoniusm towards Jews and in fact feeds the myth that the Jews control the government.

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