Must not promote suntans?

H&M is a Swedish clothing firm with outlets in many countries
Just days after "tanorexia" became a household word (thanks to New Jersey Tanning Mom Patricia Krentcil), fashion retailer H&M has come under fire for featuring a deeply tanned model in their latest swimwear campaign, sparking outrage from the Swedish Cancer Society for promoting tanning as a fashion accessory.

"The clothing giant is creating, not least among young people, a beauty ideal that is deadly," the group wrote in an opinion piece in the Swedish Newspaper Dagens Nyheter on Thursday, AFP reported. "Every year, more people die in Sweden of [skin cancer] than in traffic accidents, and the main cause is too much sunning."

H&M released an apology almost immediately.

It seems like a stretch to say that a clothing campaign could single-handedly lead to an uptick in skin-cancer, especially given the media focus on the dangers of tanning beds.


Isn't it "racist" to mention skin color?


  1. The latest info I have (a recent New Scientist) indicates that although high sun exposure leads to increased basil cell carcinomas (benign), it actually reduces the incidence of serious skin cancers (melanomas).

    Which is exactly contrary to the stupid "tanning is skin cells in distress" government scare campaign.

  2. Not basil, BASAL.


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