BBC runs an old fashioned revival hour for Greenies

Is this an attempt to outdo the Heartland Institute? On Thought for the Day, BBC Radio 4's prime time religion slot, John Bell, a church of Scotland minister, discussed men, and in particular their badness:

"However the notion that men are inherently superior doesn’t stand up to empirical proof. While in physical strength they might usually have the advantage, in terms of moral fibre and human decency men don’t always come out on top."

No indeed. One aspect of their badness that is of concern to John Bell is of course, climate change:

"...the people who are most vocal in denying human responsibility for the disastrous effects of climate change are mostly male."

That's bad, I must say. But there are other equally bad men around, sinners to rank alongside those who are a bit doubtful about whether we are all about to fry. Can you guess what they are?

* people who control factories of wage slaves in the developing world

* the commanders of terrorist regimes

* leaders who threaten or declare war

* those involved in paedophile gangs

* networks of men who organise systematically the abuse of children


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