The Zimmerman hysteria

The biggest outpouring of hate speech today is in America. It surpasses even what is coming out of Muslim lands. And it comes of course from the Left and from black race hustlers. It is aimed at George Zimmerman, a tubby Hispanic do-gooder.

All the evidence shows that George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin only after Martin had knocked him down and then continued attacking him. Zimmerman fired to save his life.

All the media depictions of Martin show an innocent little kid -- but those photos were taken long ago. The photo above is a recent one of Martin. The Left-run media are running a deliberate attempt at deception by photograph.

And how many reports mention that Martin was in fact 6'3" tall? Some kid! Martin was in fact an aggressive young black buck walking in a gated community where the presence of a black would be unusual and could reasonably be expected to cause apprehension. Zimmerman is 5'9" and not in good shape so he would be a snack for Martin.

Much more detail at GUN WATCH, with more to come. See also the comments by Thomas Sowell on today's DISSECTING LEFTISM

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