Must not criticize dead footballers?

Speaking ill of the dead may be in poor taste but it may also be true. Footballers are not fragile little petals so any idea that they are saints is risible.
Jason Akermanis has been sacked by the radio station that aired nasty comments he made about the late Jim Stynes this morning. Sunshine Coast's Mix 92.7 breakfast show confirmed Akermanis' casual position as a footy expert on the show had ended, effective immediately.

Earlier, in an explosive radio interview with the Queensland radio station, the three-time premiership player and Brownlow Medalist said the public outpouring of sympathy and grief at the passing of Stynes, who lost his battle with cancer on Tuesday, was "overkill".

Akermanis is unlikely to be among mourners after telling breakfast hosts Mark Darin and Caroline Hutchinson that Stynes "was a nasty man in his day. He had a nice turn of phrase and he made sure you knew how he felt".

"What amazes me is yes, he was a legend of the game and did a great job and wonderful things with kids, but you know there are a bunch of people who have done just as much who don't get any recognition. I just think it's a bit out of kilter," he said.

"He got a state funeral - do all football players get a state funeral? There's something about it all that just made me feel uncomfortable. Jim's good but is he that good?".

"When I knew him he was competitive and nasty and brutal. He wanted to win and would do anything to do it," he said.."


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