Hate speech going both ways?

Leftists have accused Kirk Cameron of hate speech for his Biblical view of homosexuality but they have done plenty of hating back. They are the only ones actually doing any hating as far as I can see. Saying that homosexuality is wrong does not mean you hate homosexuals. In Romans chapter 1 Paul makes clear that they are in the hands of God.

It will be a sad day when people can no longer express Biblical beliefs.
Kirk Cameron said he is a victim of ‘hate speech’ after he called homosexuality ‘unnatural’, ‘detrimental’ and ‘destructive’ during an interview with Piers Morgan on CNN.

Cameron, an evangelical Christian, came under fire from gay rights campaigners for the controversial comments he made on Friday.

When asked by Morgan if he thinks homosexuality is a sin, the 41-year-old star said: 'I think that it’s unnatural. I think that it’s detrimental, and ultimately destructive to so many of the foundations of civilisation.'

Cameron also spoke out against gay marriage, adding: 'I believe that marriage was defined by God. Marriage is almost as old as dirt, and it was defined in the garden between Adam and Eve. 'One man, one woman for life 'til death do you part. So I would never attempt to try to redefine marriage. And I don’t think anyone else should either. So do I support the idea of gay marriage? No, I don’t.'

But the former Growing Pains star has fought back against the backlash he has been subjected to and defended his controversial viewpoints.

'I spoke as honestly as I could, but some people believe my responses were not loving toward those in the gay community. That is not true. I can assuredly say that it’s my life’s mission to love all people,' he told ABC News in a statement.

'I should be able to express moral views on social issues, especially those that have been the underpinning of Western civilization for 2,000 years — without being slandered, accused of hate speech, and told from those who preach ‘tolerance’ that I need to either bend my beliefs to their moral standards or be silent when I’m in the public square.


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